First family holiday

There’s a saying that a holiday with kids is not a vacation, but simply a change of location.

In a way this is true, especially when you consider all the packing, but it is also a very precious experience. 🙂

We were tired and grumpy when we arrived at Karoo Pride in Montagu, but the beautiful surroundings soon lifted our spirits.

Ewan forgot about the television for once and even found ways to amuse himself in the evenings with the cheap “holiday” toy soldiers we bought at the Spar. James enjoyed practising his recently acquired sitting skills and took every opportunity to try and get hold of his big brother’s toys.

Our days were spent wandering the beautiful walking routes on the farm, sometimes even off route. 😛 During this time, Ewan also worked very hard to complete his stick collection.

James was only too happy to ride on daddy’s back, taking in the beauty of everything around him. When the road got too long, poor daddy had to carry Ewan as well.

When the time came to go home, no one was ready to leave. “The holiday is gone, it’s gone forever!  I don’t want holiday to be finished.”

And so we started the journey back with a toddler tantrum. 😛