The Observer

I am an Observer. Like the Observers from the science fiction television show, Fringe, I am stoic and calm. Possibly monotone even.


I think people often misunderstand me. I may come across as conceited or unwilling to become involved. But actually I’m just watching them and trying to make sense of their behaviour. And spending too much time with too many people just drains my energy resources.

Time traveller

I have the tendency to withdraw from the environment around me, as there is the sense that I might change something that is supposed to happen, if I become too involved. Almost like a time traveller from the future.

I’ve learnt from past experience that if someone is on a certain course, it’s best not to get in their way, as there is very little you can do to change their fate.

Interesting people

On the whole, I just find people so interesting and very different from myself. They make so much noise. 😛

Some people are meant to entertain the world and I am their audience.

Sense of power

It also gives you a sense of power if you share your true self with only a few people. There’s a certain satisfaction in keeping quiet about a contentious issue when everyone else is giving loud and eager feedback. 😛


All this has probably got a lot to do with being an introvert.

I just want everyone to be real and honest, so social settings with complex undertones just stress me out.

The verdict

I actually do like people, just in small numbers and far away. 😛

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