The sick child

My little man’s only been sick three times and he’s almost two.

The dreaded croup

But the recent third illness almost made up for all the other missed illnesses. He got the dreaded croup and at one stage he was wheezing so badly, I was afraid that we would have to rush him to hospital.

To make things worse, the shortness of breath increases when they cry or become upset and the little man is a well-known tantrum thrower…

Peppa pig

In a desperate attempt to calm him down, we ended up watching Peppa Pig on my cell phone in bed.

Everything is right with the world as long as the little man has Peppa Pig and eventually, after a dose of cortisone, he stopped coughing and went back to sleep.

Creche syndrome

Ewan started crèche recently, so now I’m hoping he doesn’t fall victim to the dreaded crèche syndrome and catches every disease.

Especially since he’s been coughing mother awake for the last week and now mother’s also sick… 😛

Strengthen the immune system

The only thing I can really do is to try and strengthen his immune system, by feeding him:

  • Vegetables. It is somewhat of a challenge to get Ewan to eat these. We’ve now resorted to vegetable chips. It seems his crèche teacher may be more successful in getting him to eat healthy food, than mommy and granny.
  • Fruit. This is easier. He loves apples and bananas. And the occasional “gape” which is sometimes mistaken for an acorn (icorn).
  • A few drops of Reuteri in his milk, especially since he’s been using an antiobiotic.
  • Creche guard (vitamins) etc. This is also easy to sneak into the milk.

Care for the sickie

Luckily granny provided assistance when he was too sick to go to school.

It’s the sad realiy of being a working mother. You feel guilty when you take leave to look after your sick child and then you feel guilty when you leave your child behind to go to work, especially when his arms are wrapped around you and his head buried in your neck.

But those are the challenges of being a working mother…

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