Let’s go to school

Recently, at the age of 21 months, my little man started going to playschool.


It was quite an adjustment for the little fellow. Used to playing outside and sleeping whenever he wanted at granny’s house, he now has to follow a more regimented routine.

There is a time for:

  • playing outside
  • creating art
  • a nappy change
  • snacks; and
  • lunch.

The protest 

In the beginning, he apparently screamed loudly when it was another group’s turn to play outside and he couldn’t join them.

He also protested vehemently when he was dropped off in the mornings. But things are going better these days and the little terrorist even seem to be enjoying himself. He hasn’t brought any little friends home yet, but I look forward to that happening in the future. 🙂

The positives 

  • My boy is turning into an artist. Every day he comes home with some little work of art full of paint blotches and scribbles. A lot of teacher assistance is involved, but still. 😛
  • His vocabulary has grown exponentially. He has even started to count, sometimes until ten, if he feels like it. He uses acorns or “icorns” as he calls them, for his counting. He also sings an “ABC” song, even though he doesn’t get very far. And he says “SCHOOL” in a very serious and formal way, as if this concept can only be expressed in capital letters. 😛
  • He is learning rules and to fit into society, even though I don’t always know if that’s such a good thing.
  • He is mentally stimulated and has more variety in his life.
  • It is really a privilege to see him develop from a baby into a rather clever little boy.

The next steps

So, I give him a few more weeks to get settled in, then we can start with potty training…

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