To my possible future employers

After months of rumours, we were informed yesterday that our company is moving to a location (Bellville) that is out of my travelling reach.

This leaves me in somewhat of a jam. After looking at the situation from all angles, it seems that I will have to resign.

My thought process:

  • I’m unable to travel from Fish Hoek in the Southern Suburbs to Bellville in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town on a daily basis. I already travel almost 3 hours a day per train and car. My travelling time would probably increase to nearly 5 hours.
  • Bellville station is also reportedly a very dangerous place.
  • I would spend even less time with my husband and child.

So the only option is to look for another job…

I therefore include my career and education highlights for possible future employers. 🙂

Career summary:

Having worked in the medical scheme/financial services industry since July 2004 as a Communications Specialist, I believe I’m very much in touch with what clients expect from a professional communications service. I’ve also provided freelance services to a range of clients such as Unisa, Oxford University Press, Via Afrika, Educor and ST Communications.

I’m used to dealing with graphic designers, agencies, IT people and the like who assist me with the design of documents, marketing campaigns, websites and such. I also provide a comprehensive language specialist function – writing, editing, proofreading and translation.

Education and skills:

My highest qualification is an Honours Bachelor of Arts in English.

Other educational highlights include:

  • BA degree (Afrikaans and English)
  • Best student in Afrikaans for first, second and third year
  • National Diploma: Language Practice – Cape Peninsula University of Technology
  • Web writing/Social media – SA Writer’s College
  • Internet and web design diploma – Unisa
  • Website design – City Varsity
  • Magazine Journalism & Novel writing – SA Writer’s College

My computer skills include basic web design – Dreamweaver, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. 

More about me:

I’m a passionate writer who is also using my creative mind and flexible typing fingers to create a novel that I’m convinced will one day see the light of day. 🙂

On the personal side, I’m a born and bred Capetonian who has lived in and around the city all my life. I am married and have a little boy.

I would be more than happy to supply you with references and anything else you may require. You can contact me on 072 937 7061 or email

More detailed information would have been provided with my application or can be supplied on request.  🙂


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