My journey as a writer

I’m still trying to find my feet as a writer in 2015.

My journey as a writer has been exhilarating and confusing at times. I find myself interested in too many things – writing novels, short stories, editing, translation – and unable to specialise.


During 2014 my writing journey evolved in a new direction, as I started writing and managing the blog,

The blog was born out of the web writing course that is offered by the SA Writers’ College. At the beginning it was an experiment and I wasn’t always too sure of my purpose.

I’m still new to the world of writing non-fiction. I’m used to writing short stories and I was initially surprised that blogging has managed to draw me in at all.

The blog got me writing again after giving birth to my son. I had been working on a novel while pregnant, but ended up losing motivation and inspiration, especially when I went back to work after maternity leave.

Writing the blog has made me realise that writing is a part of me and that I get cranky if I don’t it for too long. It is a way to express my victories and frustrations.

My unique and crazy little man has also provided me with many topics to blog about. 😛


My journey as a writer started even before I had enough words to express myself properly. It may be hard to believe now, but I actually struggled with reading and writing as a child.

  • The artist 

Looking back at my childhood, it is clear that I’ve always had the desire to express myself, but in the beginning I was more of an artist than a writer.

My parents still have small books that I compiled as a creative 6-year old, that consist mainly of pictures and the random word. 😛

  • Shared creativity

As children, my sister and I used to draw characters, cut them out and develop comprehensive storylines around them. These innocent stories, often based on children’s books that I was reading at the time, could probably have filled several books.

  • Imaginary worlds

Our descent into imaginary worlds was probably also encouraged by the fact that we grew up in a flat/apartment and had to find ways to amuse ourselves. Playing outside whenever we wanted was simply not an option.

  • Teenaged years

After the age of 14, my attempts became more serious. As my writing talent grew, my skills as an artist sadly stagnated. Our moody art teacher who was only interested in teaching art history, probably also didn’t help.

  • Teacher influence

Teachers actually have a huge influence on the course of our lives. My English and Afrikaans language teachers were inspiring and motivational people. Their classes encouraged my love of writing and reading.

Writing was my way of expressing myself as a teenager and remaining emotionally alive.

  • Immersed in words

I was also a lazy teenager who had no love of homework. I was more interested in writing stories and reading books than worrying about homework. It was only during tertiary studies that I blossomed into a more responsible student.

  • Tertiary studies 

My Honours degree in English further encouraged my love of reading and writing. I’ve also completed a BA degree, diploma in Language Practice and several writing short courses, but nothing challenged me quite as much as this degree.

  • Work life 

I’ve been working as a Communications Specialist in the medical scheme industry for more than 10 years.

The nature of the projects in this field can be very dry at times, but I’ve managed to keep my love of reading and writing alive, through a variety of outside interests, such as writing my blog, short stories and several aborted attempts at writing a novel. :p

  • The masterpiece

I’m still positive that I will be successful at producing a novel one day, even if I may be 80 at the time. 😛

I believe when the time is right and I have gained the insight and skills, I will be able to finish this project.

I still need to find my feet as a writer and focus my interests. As a full time worker, and especially as a mother, I unfortunately have limited time to produce my masterpiece. But I’m confident that it will happen, maybe sooner than expected. 😛

Then my writing journey will be complete.  🙂

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