Toddler throwing fun

One of the little man’s favourite past times at the moment is throwing items. At first I thought he was being somewhat naughty, but apparently this is a normal stage of development. You simply need to give your toddler direction in what he is allowed to throw and what not.

Ewan likes throwing:

  • Anything he can get his hands on down the toilet. Recent victims include his own pajamas, dad’s slippers, sunscreen, toilet rolls etc. Unfortunately he also loves flushing the toilet. The toilet can be an entire blog article on its own. 😛
  • Everything and anything into the bath. This includes towls and clothes. He then runs water into the bath as he can now reach the tap…
  • His toys at the dog, over the back door. Unfortunately the dog seems to delight in munching down on small plastic items. The back door is now kept closed as we fear a large vet bill in the foreseeable future.
  • His food, especially when he is in his high chair. Hence the high chair isn’t being used anymore. Apparently it is quite normal for toddlers to start throwing their food when they are finished eating and becoming bored.
  • His toys, especially when he gets angry at you for scolding him or stopping him from completing some clandestine mission of mischief. Sometimes missiles get hurled at your head. This is the habit we need to break.

New skill

According to a web article throwing is a new and enjoyable skill for Ewan. Judging by his aim, he already has excellent fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, unlike his mother, who struggled in primary school due to a lack of these skills.

So, if we can direct his throwing activity, he might just turn out to be a good sportsman, unlike mommy. 😛 You never know.

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