The introverted working mother’s Christmas holiday

The countdown to the Christmas holiday has started, even though we are still hectically busy at work.

This year I really need a Christmas holiday. Sometimes it feels like I’ve aged 10 years over the past year.

This Christmas holiday: 

  • I’m going to try to go out as little as possible and avoid the hustle and bustle of the shops. I need a break from humanity. 😛 We have a pool and braai area, so no reason to go out.
  • I look forward to spending as much quality time as possible with my husband and son. Life during the year is simply often too hectic.
  • I do look forward to spending time with family for Christmas and New Year.
  • I will not spend a lot of money on gifts, as it’s about the time you spend together.
  • I will leave the house to watch The Hobbit, since it’s the last opportunity to do this. Hopefully an exciting new holiday movie franchise will take its place.
  • I will start a routine to take better care of myself. I want to eat healthier and try to get as much exercise as possible. I’ve realised that I need to take care of myself as well if I hope to continue taking care of my family. The hard part will be keeping this up when I go back to work. 😛

For Christmas 2014, I also want to take the time to appreciate the fact that my life is a work in progress and that like all working mothers, I’m doing the best I can with limited time and sometimes under challenging circumstances.

I hope all working mothers out there have a relaxed holiday season. Remember that it is about recharging for 2015 and spending time with your families. Don’t stress about preparing the perfect Christmas for your children, they’re just glad to have you around.

Is busyness an addiction?

As a working mother, I’ve recently started to notice that life seems to be passing me by in a blur.

Keeping up

Staying on top of a busy job and home life sometimes seem to require a special talent.

I’m still kind of keeping up, but I’m often tired and forget things. Lately I’ve almost been too tired to write my blog and this morning I almost forgot to take a shower. 😛

Is it really necessary?

I’ve asked myself if it’s really necessary to live this way. According to the New York Times modern society has become addicted to busyness and we are forcing each other to live like this. You are only important and your life is only meaningful if you are hectically busy all the time. According to this article we are also trying to forget the fact that most of the jobs we do these days actually don’t mean anything. As a corporate slave, I acknowledge the fact that my job doesn’t really contribute anything to the world at large. 😛


There are people who deliberately overschedule themselves with all kinds of extracurricular activities, on top of their work and home lives. Don’t ask me why you would seek out this extra punishment, but apparently many do.

Busy children

They even force their children to adopt this crazy lifestyle. Many children are hectically busy and overscheduled, which is probably part of the reason why we are seeing mental health issues among younger and younger people these days.

There is no more time for independent play and learning creativity by making up your own games.

Multitasking bad for your brain

Multitasking is a symptom of our busyness, and it seems that this activity has taken over our lives, especially those of working mothers, who have to juggle many balls at the same time.

According to some web articles it has now been discovered that multitasking, especially with multiple electronic devices, actually shrinks the part of your brain that is involved in processing emotion.

Negatives of multitasking:

  • Multitasking also overloads the brain’s processing capacity and the brain starts to slow down. I’ve experienced this at work when trying to work on several projects at once and more emails just keep coming in. I usually discover several half typed emails which were supposed to have been sent hours ago, before I was interrupted and distracted by new emails or the telephone.
  • We become less efficient. I’ve found myself staring at my laptop screen, unable to decide what I should do next.
  • Multitasking causes the release of stress hormones and adrenaline, which can cause people to become irritable and enraged. I have experienced this myself and have seen it in other people. 😛

Maybe it’s time we stopped multitasking for a moment and seriously reconsidered our lifestyles? Life is so short, do we really want spend it on a multitude of tasks and emails just so that we can feel important?

Think about it this way, if the stress doesn’t kill you and you do manage to reach an advanced age, are you going to wish that you worked harder or that you spent more time with your family?


Toddler throwing fun

One of the little man’s favourite past times at the moment is throwing items. At first I thought he was being somewhat naughty, but apparently this is a normal stage of development. You simply need to give your toddler direction in what he is allowed to throw and what not.

Ewan likes throwing:

  • Anything he can get his hands on down the toilet. Recent victims include his own pajamas, dad’s slippers, sunscreen, toilet rolls etc. Unfortunately he also loves flushing the toilet. The toilet can be an entire blog article on its own. 😛
  • Everything and anything into the bath. This includes towls and clothes. He then runs water into the bath as he can now reach the tap…
  • His toys at the dog, over the back door. Unfortunately the dog seems to delight in munching down on small plastic items. The back door is now kept closed as we fear a large vet bill in the foreseeable future.
  • His food, especially when he is in his high chair. Hence the high chair isn’t being used anymore. Apparently it is quite normal for toddlers to start throwing their food when they are finished eating and becoming bored.
  • His toys, especially when he gets angry at you for scolding him or stopping him from completing some clandestine mission of mischief. Sometimes missiles get hurled at your head. This is the habit we need to break.

New skill

According to a web article throwing is a new and enjoyable skill for Ewan. Judging by his aim, he already has excellent fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, unlike his mother, who struggled in primary school due to a lack of these skills.

So, if we can direct his throwing activity, he might just turn out to be a good sportsman, unlike mommy. 😛 You never know.