The revamp

You may have noticed that my blog has been going through some changes over the past few weeks.

I’ve finally made the leap and upgraded to Premium, which gave me access to a domain name and proper design templates.

A  work in progress

My blog is still a work in progress. Being a writer and not a graphic designer, I prefer the writing part of the process. 😛

I’ve been playing around with design templates, colours, font and photos, not always obtaining the best results. Next month you might open my blog to find a completely different look and feel. 😛

New sections

I aim to add a Book Review section. But with the little time I get for reading as a working mother, you may only see a review once in a while.

I also want to expand the menu structure, but I’m not quite sure yet how to do this.

Taking it seriously

I’ve started to take blogging seriously.

The blog started as a project for a Web Writing course. At the beginning it was simply an experiment and I wasn’t always too sure of my purpose.

A successful blog needs an angle and for a while I was in danger of deviating too far from my original angle and purpose.

Still new

I’m still new to the world of writing non-fiction. So used to writing short stories, I’m surprised that blogging has managed to draw me in at all.

The future

I’m a writer at heart and feel I still have much to achieve in this field. I would love to complete an MA in Creative Writing when I have the time and money one day. 😛

For now I will just keep on writing and sharing my thoughts and ideas.  I will also try to gain some graphic design skills to promote my blog.

Who knows what the future might hold. 🙂


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