“Old” motherhood

Sometimes, when I’m particularly exhausted after a night of broken sleep or when the busy little man tired me out all day, I wonder if it would have been easier if I was a younger mother.

The magical number

The little guy was extracted into this world when I was 34, a perfectly acceptable age to have a first child, according to today’s standards.

Recent web articles state that the best age to have your first child is 34. And your last one before 35. Huh? I’ve already missed that cut off date.

Advantages of being an older mother

However, there are plenty of advantages to being an older mother and for me it’s simply much easier than it would have been 10 years ago.

  • For one thing, I’ve found a husband. Ten years ago I was floundering around on bad dates. I probably met every weird guy for which there is a definition as part of my online dating experience. None of them would have made good fathers. Finally my luck turned and I met my darling husband, who is also a good dad. 🙂
  • I’m financially a lot more stable and settled in a career, even though I don’t know what the future holds in our country’s uncertain job market. At least I now have work experience and qualifications. I’m also starting to think entrepreneurship. Ten years ago I was still a newbie to the corporate word and I was very busy studying.
  • I have more patience, which is needed when you have a husband and child. 😛 Through the years I’ve learnt not to stress about the small things and also not to take work too seriously.
  • I’ve had time to do some of the things that is difficult to do when you have a child. I’ve studied (for very long, or it feels like that) and have been on an overseas trip. I’ve had the opportunity to live the single life for a few years before getting married and having a child. I think this allows me to appreciate my son even more, because I have no regrets. Even though I want to study some more and go overseas again. 😛

So, while I probably would have had a child at 25 if I’d managed to find a husband at that age, I’m glad I had the opportunity to do all the things I did.

Now to fit in that second child before 40 and hopefully before 38.



One thought on ““Old” motherhood

  1. The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th ones are some that I definitely feel like apply to me as a younger mother. I wish I was more financially stable, more patient, and had more time with my husband before we had kids. But then again, now that we have our two boys here, we are happy to have had them young and so close together in age so that they can grow up and get out of the house together! haha! 😉 I think a little bit of each mom always wishes things would’ve happened differently once they had kids, but in the end, now matter what our age, we are all stuck in the same mommyhood boat, doing the same things, and just trying to stay afloat! Great post! 🙂

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