Working mothers – it gets easier after maternity leave

More than a year after returning to work, I’ve realised that it does get better after maternity leave.

Any good at the job?

I’ve recently been reading articles/blogs about whether you’re any good at your job after maternity leave.

I agree that we need to lower our expectations of ourselves. In a way you actually get better at getting things done at work and at home, as there is only time to focus on what’s really important. Priorities have changed and soon your inner control freak will be no more. Your family is now the focus of your life, even though you still want to contribute as much as possible at work. 

Surviving the routine

During the first few months, I actually wondered how we were going to survive this for years to come.

It was exhausting, especially when the little man slept badly because of teething. Some days I thought I would faint from exhaustion.

However, gradually you get used to the routine and you find ways of doing things easier and faster. Maybe I’ve just become used to the feeling of being exhausted. 😛

My survival tips

  • Accept life is hectic for now and just go with the flow. There is no time to be a perfectionist or control freak. Realise children have a will of their own and cannot be controlled.
  • Embrace the fact that your priorities have changed and let go of things that are not that important, at home and at work.
  • Drop your standards. Your house does not have to be clean and tidy all the time. This is virtually impossible with a small child and will place a lot of unnecessary stress on yourself.
  • Have a sense of humour. Things will go wrong with a small toddler around and this is just a normal part of life. My little man will throw several items into the toilet and then attempt to flush them. 😛
  • Live from day to day and enjoy every second. Don’t stress yourself out trying to follow a fixed schedule that doesn’t work anymore. When Ewan is having a good day with no teething pain, I also get more done. I try to exercise etc. when I get time.

Number two?

I suppose the next challenge will come when Ewan gets a brother or sister. So for now, I take life one day at a time and just enjoy the chaos as much as possible.

3 thoughts on “Working mothers – it gets easier after maternity leave

  1. So true, I have 4 and I still struggle with some of this! I still feel anxiety if my house isn’t clean. My 4 year old will ask who is coming over everytime I do a mad clean rush! Before I had kids I had lofty aspirations for high executive positions. I hate to say it, but its no longer my priority. I love my job and I will continue to work, but the high travel jobs with long hours are no longer what I want. I want to spend that extra time with my family instead. Crazy how much kids change your perspective!

  2. Yes, also had some career aspirations, but it just doesn’t seem worth it to look for another job. 😛 I just can’t face longer working hours and possibly even fewer leave days.

  3. Those tips are VERY true!! I have ALWAYS been a carefree laid back person….until I had kids….it’s like a switch flipped and I am stressed over little things these days. I am constantly having to put myself in check. I don’t work a 9-5, but even while being at home all day, some days…or weeks it is difficult to keep a clean house. And a sense of humor is the only thing that gets me through the days. Well, that and a Monster! So these, tips are just what I needed to read! 🙂

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