My extroverted toddler?

Recently, I’ve started to wonder if I may have given birth to an extroverted child.

I’m still not entirely sure how this happened as both his father and I are confirmed introverts.

Needs interaction

My little man seems to crave interaction as much as I need solitude.

He is constantly chattering and telling us about his day, usually not even seeming that interested if we are listening or not. 😛

Extrovert characteristics 

Ewan displays the following characteristics, which are typical of an extrovert.

  • He is outgoing and likes to be around people, even though he might be a little shy at first. He likes to follow you everywhere around the house.
  • He likes to share his food and toys. He doesn’t like eating and playing alone.
  • The little one talks a lot, often using his hands and feet to spice up the conversation. 😛 This weekend he got onto one of the garden chairs and went on for several minutes with and impressive, long-winded speech.
  • Ewan also enjoys more introverted activities such as playing by himself in the garden.

It’s probably too early to say for sure what his personality type is. We’ll probably find out more next year when he goes to playschool.

Survival tips for the introverted parents of extroverted children:

  • Create opportunities for your child to interact with others. That’s part of the reason why Ewan is going to playgroup next year. He also gets the opportunity to interact with family members.
  • Don’t feel that you are selfish because you need time to recharge. Some “me-time” will make you a better and more loving parent.
  • Find ways of using some of your daily activities or duties as recharging time. If you drive home, play music or listen to a soothing audio book. I use my daily two hour train commute to write and read. Rather do exercise like walking or running than working out in a noisy and crowded gym.
  • Also teach your little extrovert from a young age that he/she must also be able to play and work alone.

Quiet by Susan Cain will also tell you more about your own introverted nature and about the difference between introverts and extroverts.

2 thoughts on “My extroverted toddler?

  1. Out daughter is an extrovert as well, but so are we. Whether you are an introverted or extroverted parent you need your down time. With all the joys that come with motherhood also come mental exhaustion and frustration. There is nothing wrong with taking time for us. My daughter loves people, but also plays well independently. It can definitely work in his advantage in the future having that type of personality and maybe it will offer you and hubby a new perspective as well. 🙂

  2. This is really interesting, I think only one of my kids is an extrovert although both of my introverts have the occasional burst of extroversion! As an extrovert myself I find it quite hard to “get” the introversion and have had to learn to change my expectations and assumptions, which is quite a challenge sometimes!

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