The seasons of a working mom’s life

Once upon a time, my body used to be well toned.


I had a lot of time to excercise. One of the gym regulars, I did at least 4 sessions a week of 45 minutes to an hour.

I also lived in town which meant I could walk to work and home, an additional 45 minutes of exercise a day.


I always used to eat pretty much what I wanted, but I suppose all the exercise burned the kilojoules. I never gained much weight.  And I also used to be younger… 😛

What happened?

  • We moved to Fish Hoek, which meant that I now have a two hour sit on the train every day, instead of the 45 minute walking commute that used to keep me fit.
  • Then we had a baby, which futher cut down on time and opportunities to exercise. 😛

The solutions?

So far, I haven’t managed to find a solution. I try to walk and swim on weekends, but obviously this is not enough.


At the moment there’s not much space for exercise in my already full timetable.

A wise person recently told me that I’m in a season of life where there’s not much time for anything. 😛

Maybe it’s best for once to just go with the flow and not try to have the perfect body.

Working mothers can’t have it all

From my experience so far, it has become clear that working mothers can’t have it all.

It’s only a recipe for disaster and mental breakdown if you think you can be the perfect wife, mother, employee, housewife and then also have the perfect body.

Life has seasons

For me it seems a more practical and reasonable approach to accept that life indeed has seasons.

I’ve decided in this season I just want to enjoy my life for what it is – somewhat chaotic with a busy little growing baby at the centre of everything. 😛

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