My toddler’s 3 favourite activities

At 18 months, Ewan has 3 favourite activities – bottle, bad and outside.

Further clarification of these cryptic terms

  1. Bottle – mother frequently gets asked where his bottle is, especially when she wants to sleep a bit later on a Sunday morning. He also has the habit of pointing at anything remotely bottle-shaped and then asking mother to give it to him. He is frequently disappointed by mother’s refusal, as he has the habit of throwing everything (including his bottle) very hard, and these bottles have the tendency of breaking open upon landing, spraying their contents everywhere.
  2. Bad – this is the only Afrikaans word in his vocabulary and mother should probably be proud that he uses it to describe his favourite activity, namely taking a bath. But bad can be a pain, as the little man has the tendency to sit outside the bathroom and scream at the top of the lungs until he gets his bath. 😛  Mother has wondered on occasion if it is normal for a boy to enjoy taking a bath so much. 😛 But it’s too cute when he asks for his bath after a gruelling session of playing outside.
  3. Outside – mother and granny dread hearing this word during Winter. When he is not in the bad, the little man wants to spend the rest of his days playing outside and going for the occasional walk. He gets very grumpy if he gets no outside time during the day.

The positives and negatives of outside:

  • Outside is a great babysitter. Ewan seems to require much less parental involvement and attention when he is playing outside. He can amuse himself for hours on end, playing with sticks and stones and scratching in the dirt. He might finally stop to ask for a bottle or bad.
  • When he is outside, Ewan seems to forget his teething pain. He moans much less when he is in the process of getting himself thoroughly dirty. Unfortunately the pain seems to return as soon as he’s back in the house.
  • But don’t respond to the plea for “outside” if you don’t have time to leave him there for a while. Rather face a short crying spell, then an ear piercing tantrum when you have to bring him inside before he wants to come inside. Alternatively,  you can try to lure him inside with the promise of a “bad”.

It will be interesting to see how my son’s favourite activities change as he gets older. Hopefully there will be less tantrum throwing.  😛

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