What do working moms really need?

I recently attended my company’s long service awards. After 10 years’ service, I’ve now officially been declared as a piece of company furniture. 😛

Nice gesture

Every effort was made to make the experience memorable. We enjoyed delicious food at an expensive restaurant. A certificate acknowledging your contribution and a small cash incentive also formed part of the award.

What do working mothers really need?

This event and my life experience of working 10 years for this company, has made me think, what do working mothers really need from their employers? Is a cash incentive motivating enough?

For me, personally, the answer is time. I really need time.

More time would mean that:

  1. I would feel less guilty about leaving my child to go to work every day. This would make me a more motivated and dedicated worker.
  2. I could spend more time with my husband, especially if he also has more time, further strengthening our family bond.
  3. There would be time to exercise again, which would improve my health and help me lose weight.
  4. I could prepare healthier and more nutritious meals. At the moment we mostly go for the easy and fast options.
  5. It might be possible to catch up on sleep which will also improve my productivity and creativity at work.

Pay for results

Once you reach a certain level of experience and efficiency, you don’t necessarily need the eight hour day. Companies should look at paying people for the results they produce and not because they are at work for a certain number of hours per day.

The prospect of being able to spend fewer hours at work and more time with my son, will certainly encourage me to work faster and harder.

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