The teething monster

It’s happened again.

It seems to come in cycles. We are sleeping and having fun for a few weeks and then it all changes.

The teething monster has bitten the little one.

The following symptoms have returned:

  • His gums are very red and swollen.
  • One cheek, or both become flushed and red.
  • He seems to have earache on the same side as the erupting tooth. He rubs his ear while moaning.
  • Biting and chewing. Sometimes he puts his entire hand in his mouth while uttering a garbled scream.
  • He refuses to brush his teeth. This worries me and I’m still trying to find a way around it.
  • Disturbed sleep. For the entire household, especially for mommy. The dogs in their kennel have probably been woken up by his unhappy midnight screaming. Some sleep can usually be achieved if I put him in bed with me, but then I get woken every few hours by a kick in the ribs or the head. The poor little thing must change position a million times.
  • Decreased appetite. He turns his nose up for his former favourite foods. Fish fingers and chips with tomato sauce get distributed from his high chair all over the living room. The only thing he is sure to eat under all circumstances is Paaper Bites.
  • He becomes very unhappy and irritable in general, unless you give him his way.

Brief periods of peace and happiness 😛

The following works for Ewan and gives us some quiet time without screaming and moaning.

  • Let him play in the garden for as long as possible. He completely forgets about teething, at least for as long as he is in the garden.
  • Take him for a walk in his pram. This has more or less the same effect as playing in the garden. Ewan loves to hang out of his pram and take in the neighbourhood sights.
  • Let him play in the bath. Ewan loves water and his latest thing is to pretend he can wash all by himself.
  • And swimming season is starting soon…

Teething timeline 

It seems the little man still has a way to walk with the teething monster, even though he already has a mouth full of teeth.

The remedies

I’ve tried all the conventional remedies such as teething gel, homeopathic remedies, pain killers, teethers and other chew toys.

Where it was successful when he was smaller, nothing seems to work for long at the moment.

But we are almost through the worst, so we probably just need to hang in there and push through. 🙂

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