My child(ren’s) culture

As a South African, I face an unique situation in raising my child and possible future children.

Three different cultures

Ewan has a cultural heritage of at least three different cultures, actually more, if you dig deeper into our past.

His mother is Afrikaans, his father English and his one grandfather is Dutch.

His culture of choice

So far he seems to have adopted the English culture. 😛

His only Afrikaans words are “bad” which gets repeated several times a day when he asks to take a bath. “Stout” used to be another, but that naughty word mysteriously disappeared. 😛

He is mostly exposed to English as he stays with granny and will go to English playschoSoul from next year.

Is English best?

Maybe learning English as a first language is better for his future school career, as he lives in a country where the dominant business language is English.

Other cultures

However, I’ve recently started thinking, how do you expose a child who will have a predominantly English upbringing to other cultures?

We live such hectic lives that we hardly even have time to spend on the basics with our children.  How will we still get around to teaching them about other cultures?


Teaching him Afrikaans is relatively easy, as there are still plently of available resources, such as books and tv programmes, even though the language is not as widely used as before. And mother will be available to help with homework…

His Dutch heritage

But then there is his proud Dutch heritage,  a culture which seems to be slowly disappearing from South Africa, a former Dutch colony for many years. These days you can’t even find my favourite Dutch snack, stroopwafels, in the shops anymore.

Travelling Frouws

And we are such an interesting family and so well represented on the world wide web. 😛 You get 51 500 hits for Frouws on Google Search.

All over the world

We are all related. It all started here in the Netherlands and we can trace our heritage back to approximately 1580. Today we are far and wide, all over the world.

There are relations in Canada, America, Australia, South Africa and Netherlands, our country of origin.

It is evident that this family has got travel in its blood. The cousins, aunts and uncles are always going everywhere, hopping over to Europe or some exotic country.

My one uncle is an avid cyclist who has probably been all over the  world.

Culture transfer

This got me thinking, what better way of transferring my culture to my child(ren) than to travel with them?

Unfortunately we are dependent on the South African rand, a weak currency.

But if I start saving now, who knows what might be possible by my 40th birthday, which is only in 4 years.  😛

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