My boy is growing up

It seems to be happening earlier and earlier these days.

My boy is growing up

The little rascal who was a baby with skinny little legs just the other day, will be going to “big school” next year. At the age of 21 months, my little man will be entering the world of social intrigue.

Well, not really THE big school, but close enough.

Playgroup will be a new adventure:

  • He will learn to play with other kids and hopefully share and co-exist peacefully. (I hope for their sake, because he does seem to have the occasional violent streak.) 😛
  • He will learn to make things.
  • Hopefully he will become just a little bit more independent and it will be an added bonus if they can sort out his fussy eating habits.


I noticed that there seems to be a lot of girls at this school and Ewan and the little girls seemed to regard each other with great interest. 🙂

A step into life and learning

I am excited that he is taking this step into life and learning. At the same time, I’m also grateful that he only has to go half days and realise that we are very fortunate that he also has a granny and family members who can look after him. Many people don’t have that option.

Come January, Ewan will be ready for the challenge.

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