A “victim” of the years

Three days before my 36th birthday, I appraise my appearance.

The years have left their mark

The years have left their mark on me in the following ways:

  • Fat, especially extra stomach and chin that I really want to get rid off,  but haven’t had the motivation to do yet.
  • Grey hair, lots of it. The roots that are growing out of my dyed hair look like the hair of a fifty year-old woman.
  • Wrinkles, not so much yet. At least I’ve been lucky in that department. 😛

Who cares, really

Still, I don’t really mind. Other women often seem disturbed that I am not more obsessed with my appearance – e.g. I should lose weight, wear more flattering clothes.  But I am comfortable the way I am and this seems to be regarded as a sign of laziness. I’ve also never been one to conform to social norms, especially where traditional female ones are concerned.

Enjoy yourselves

Maybe it’s jealousy, as I’m enjoying a chocolate muffin while they are stressing about their appearance. I feel like telling them – girls wake up, we’re not 16 anymore. We’ve husbands and children and we have earned the right to enjoy ourselves when we can find the time.

By no means am I saying become obese, but it shouldn’t be necessary to follow diets where you cut out diary and meat. Life’s simply too short and food is one of the joys of life.


To be honest, being happy and having a mature outlook on life, is far more important than how you look. You can be the most gorgeous person, dressed up in the latest fashionable clothes and shoes, without having a clue how to really live.

You can be  beautiful on the outside, but have no self esteem, emotional intelligence or common sense.

Looking back

If I look back on my life, I’m much happier now in my fat and grey incarnation, than I was ten years ago.

Ten years ago, I had a firm gym body, but I was young and uncertain, trying to find my feet in the corporate world. Work was very important to me then.

Now, I have a loving and understanding husband and a lovable little rascal of a son. Appearance, work performance and all the superficial things in life suddenly seem much less important.

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