The midlife career change

Well, here I am, the almost 36 year old mother of one, considering a midlife career change.

A tricky ambition

There are several things which makes this a really tricky ambition.

  • I live in a country where it is extremely difficult to find a job that pays anything, especially at my age.
  • I have lots of bills to pay every month, including half of the bond.
  • I have a baby, so study time will be difficult to find, especially if I work and study.
  • I want to have another child and can’t really afford to wait too long, already being of advanced age. ­čśŤ

Scary salaries

To tell the truth, I might not even be able to afford to find another job, never mind a career change that may take years of time and money. The salaries that are being advertised for people in my profession these days are simply scary. Yesterday I saw a job for a Communications Manager being advertised at R 7 500 per month. A Communications Manager with degrees and multiple skill sets. Not a receptionist or Admin Assistant. A Communications Manager – possibly a highly complex and stressful position. A working mother may still consider it, if it was a half-day position, but you are expected to put in the full 40 hours a week.

Everyone can’t afford to pay massive salaries, but a Communications┬áManager deserves to earn at least double that.


Oh well, I digress. So I’m feeling kind of stuck at the moment. Desperately wanting to make a move that will allow me to spend more time with my small son as well, but not really being able to do anything.

I’m thankful for the salary I do earn and being able to live a decent life, but I always thought that at this age I would be able to live like I wanted to and perhaps have made a lasting contribution.

Maybe it’s just pre-birthday musings.

For now, I will continue to think around the mid-life career change until my next steps become clear to me.

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