The little walker

At 16 months, the little man seems more interested in other things than walking on his own.

He’s talks when he feels like it, climbs on couches and into windows, gets stuck in cupboards, but walking is not yet his thing.

He even dances in his own way, jumps up with his arms in the air, screaming “yay” at the top of his voice.

As a first time mother, I may be a tad impatient for him to start walking. Experts claim that the age at which a child takes his/her first steps actually makes little difference in the long run. A baby who starts walking around the age of nine months will not be more advanced in later life than one who is a late walker.

Apparently, doing the following things may encourage your child to start walking and practise his mobility:

  • Put his favourite toy out of his reach, so that he can support himself as he reaches for it. Ewan is already very good at reaching for the remote on the couch. 😛 He loves all technology.
  • Let your child push his stroller around in a safe spot. He will feel strong and powerful pushing it by himself.
  • Don’t put your child in a stationary activity center for too long. Your eardrums will be pierced if you leave Ewan in his cot or feeding chair for too long. 😛
  • Avoid walkers as they can make baby lazy.
  • Make it fun by turning practice into a game and cheering him on. This involves clapping your hands and screaming “clever boy” and “yay”.
  • Between the ages of 16 and 20 months, you can show your child how to kick a ball. Rolling a ball back and forth is also a great activity for rainy days. Ewan already has a good throwing arm, though I have yet to see him kick the ball.
  • Dance with your child. Clapping hands and stomping feet are fun ways to strengthen the muscles.
  • Introduce your child to swings and playgrounds. Who can forget the fab pink swing in Sedgefield where Ewan wanted to spend his entire Easter holiday? 😛
  • Practice climbing steps. Hold your child’s hand and let him practice going up and down slowly. Practice climbing the steps of the small slide at the playground. And teach your child to climb off the bed and couch feet first. We had a few near misses as Ewan at first insisted to sail down head first like a worm or snake. 😛

I suspect walking is probably imminent, since the little guy stands by himself and walks while holding onto walls and also your hand.

He is already a regular little Dennis the Menace, so I should probably appreciate his limited mobility, as I will soon be chasing after him all day long.

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