Are you a slacker mom?

According to a quiz I recently completed on the web, I’m well on my way to becoming a slacker mom.

Being a slacker has always had very negative connotations. You’re a lazy person who avoids work or effort and lets your team down.

A healthy outlook on life

However, in today’s high stress, type A personality wold of chronic heart disease and high blood pressure, being a slacker has actually become a healthy outlook on life. Not necessarily a slacker myself, I would rather work smart than hard. Where others would graft for hours, I enjoy looking for the quickest possible way to achieve my goal efficiently.

Opposite of supermom

Being a slacker mom is the trend on social media at the moment, but it’s also a good way to keep your sanity. A slacker mom is the opposite of the supermom of recent years.

A slacker mom doesn’t hover over her children and tries to direct all their activities, she allows them time to play and discover by themselves. She doesn’t force educational toys down their throat or register them for every class imaginable.

Let the kids get dirty

From experience I know my little man enjoys opportunities to play by himself, sometimes he just wants me to sit next to him while he plays. Other times he enjoys it if I make up games for him and play with him. During summertime he enjoys discovering the garden and getting down and dirty. A good slacker mom doesn’t try to keep her kids clean all the time. In winter I will often only bath him every second day, which I’m sure has saved him from some colds.

As a good slacker mom, I don’t freak out if my child sometimes throws his food on the floor, picks it up and eats it again. Ten second rule.  😛

How to be a slacker mom

You focus on the things that are really important. You realise that some things can wait for another day. Perfectionism is a recipe for a stressful life filled with exhaustion.

Don’t view motherhood and parenting as a form of competition. Allow yourself to make mistakes.

Lower your expectations. You can’t have it all and do it all.
Allow yourself to be more laid back.

Avoid judging other moms.

Stop being a helicopter mom and quit hovering around your children all day long. They have to learn to make their own choices.

Allow your children to get comfortable in nature – especially boys like being muddy and dirty.

Don’t buy your children every new toy that comes out as this will only encourage them to be materialistic from a young age.

Don’t overload your kids with after school activities. They need time to pay freely and to learn to use their imagination. If their entire lives are filled with activities and the need to achieve, you are just encouraging them to become the next generation of office clones.

Don’t do everything for your children, as they will expect that someone will always be around to do things for them. Also stop doing their homework.

Ask your husband to pick up some of the slack. This will help him not to feel sidelined if you do everything and it’s also good for kids to see their parents working together.

Relax and stop feeling guilty. Your kids don’t need the latest and best of everything. They just need your love and attention.

So, I hope I’ve managed to convince those of you, who are running around and trying to be the best at everything, to relax and enjoy the time you have with your children.

They grow up so fast and you don’t want them to remember you as the mom who had always tried to control them or was always too busy. Let go and have some fun with your children.

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