Web writing course inspires working mother

The web writing course offered by the SA Writer’s College is an investment in my creative talents and also my future career.

Convenient course for working mothers

The online course which is super convenient for working mothers, as you can complete it at your own pace inspired me to start writing again after having my baby.

Writing is a part of me

I was busy writing a novel while pregnant, but ended up losing motivation and inspiration, especially after the birth of my son.  I was hectically busy and always tired. For a long time, I wrote nothing at all.

The situation got worse when I became a working mother, as I ended up being even busier and more tired and cranky, partly because I wasn’t writing. I realised that writing is a part of me.  It’s a way to express my victories and frustrations.

Inspired to look at life differently

The course helped to ease my transition of going back to work after maternity leave, even if I only started it a few months after my return. It was like a weight fell from my shoulders when I could express myself again and the blog I created for working mothers encouraged me to look at life differently.

The course also inspired me to overcome the challenge of finding time to write. As a busy working mom, I’m always on the run with hardly a moment for myself. I partly overcome this issue by buying a  Lenovo A10 IdeaPad which allows me to write basically anywhere, e.g. on the train to and from work.

Career opportunities

I’ve also come to realise that web writing and social media will open other career opportunities for me, such as becoming a Digital Copywriter or Social Media manager. As a working mother, I’m always hoping to find a more flexible or part time career opportunity.

Completing the course is also a step towards my future goal of being able to work from home. I would like to build a strong online presence to be able to achieve this.



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