My talkative boy

At fifteen months, our Ewan loves to talk, so you have to be extremely careful what you say in the Taylor household these days.

He’s a little parrot at the moment, repeating words he hears on a regular basis. I sometimes wonder how he selects these gems that he chatters in his own special accent, until he is tired of them.

Little man spends his days at granny day care, so often comes out with her favourite words, such as oh dear, which is pronounced oh deaah, in his old man-baby voice. Granny admonished him for not wanting to eat his food, but eating rubbish from the floor. He listens and then exclaims at the top of his voice; Babbish!

Ewan also want you to carry his sturdy little frame around, while he points at things, exclaiming; Wass diss (What is this). We name and explain, so it can only be hoped that his already growing vocabulary will benefit even further from this.

Then you have to be careful not to let the little talker hear any swear words. For a while oh shizzzzzz was his favourite word, something that may have been said on occasion by mommy. He loves nothing better than to sit kicking and screaming at the top of his voice, oh shizzz!, oh shizzz! If this should ever happen in public, mommy will pretend the little miscreant is saying something else.

He also loves to call his favourite dogs, Leo and grandpa’s dog, Oscar (Ozzy), or Weo and Oddie. The little man loves his Weo so much that he often feeds him his favourite toys through the door. Weo then leaves little pieces of mangled plastic for mommy and daddy to find. On being asked where the magnificent Leo is, he will point at the window and exclaim outside!

Then there’s mama, dada, daddy, nana and papa. He is very attached to his dad and has started asking, Wess daddy or Wess the dadda. Wuff you is also a recent addition to his vocabulary.

Life with our little man has become an interesting adventure, as there is not telling what he will say or do next.


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