Just let me sleep…

Not a pretty thing

Lack of sleep is not a pretty thing, as evidenced by my ugly, drooping eyelids and sallow skin.

It’s also not healthy, as I can feel by the burning itch in my throat. After a few nights of very bad sleep, it seems I might be in for another dose of the winter sniffles.

Desperate attempts

As I’m writing this entry on the train, I can feel my eyelids drooping.  I type even faster in a desperate attempt to stay awake.

The culprit

The culprit causing the sleep deprivation equals one sick little man who also couldn’t sleep. Not his fault that mommy is a zombie today and not much that can be done about the situation.

If only

If only I could stay at home under these circumstances, catch up on sleep and then log in on my laptop to work once I felt better and more awake.

But no

You are obligated to pretend you are superwoman, taking a leading role at work while surviving on three hours sleep a night. Trying to stay awake by overdosing on caffeine and sugar. There is no rest for the wicked and you feel guilty when you even think about resting.

How long?

Can this situation continue? Not indefinitely.  Eventually…

  1. My work performance might slip. I’m too tired to care or just don’t care anymore, as the company doesn’t care about my situation as a working mother.
  2. I will find another, more flexible job.
  3. I will continue in this vein for as long as possible, until my health starts to suffer, leading to prolonged absences from work.

The solution

  • Just let me sleep. Don’t moan if I get to work late, as I often log in at other times when I’m not at the office to catch up on work.
  • Let me work flexible hours and allow me to work from home on a regular basis. In this way I will be happy and healthy and the work will get done.

At the moment

I look forward to the possibility of getting some sleep tonight.

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