I like being a mother

I recently came across this blog post on the scary mommy blog.

She longs for her life before motherhood

The writer professes that she does not like being a mother and that motherhood is thankless and exhausting. Her life was so much better before she had children and she still longs for those days.

After all this, she claims that she loves her children and that they are well-adjusted and happy. Then she says she would never consider leaving them.

Motherhood is hard work

Comments on this blog post are overwhelmingly supportive, however, since I am a mother myself, I feel I have the right to criticise.

I have tried to see things from her point of view and I agree that motherhood can be thankless and exhausting. Sometimes I do miss having more time with my husband and sleeping late on a weekend, but that doesn’t compare to the joy the little man has brought us.

Baby made life more meaningful

I can get irritable if the little man is difficult for an extended period of time, but I feel that is just the normal flow of things and irritation always passes. He has enriched my life and made it more meaningful. He has made me busier and less selfish.

Mentally prepare

Surely the blogger should have realised before having children that she would have much less time for herself and the activities she enjoyed?

The fact that she states that she is the unhappy one and that her children are unaware of her feelings, is hard to believe. Children are usually quick to pick up on emotions and must realise that something is amiss with their mother.

Having a child is a privilegeBlog photo4 - Copy

For me personally, having a child is a privilege, and I cherish the time I get to spend with him, since I also work full-time and have a daily two hour commute. There’s nothing like my little man’s grin to cheer you up after a tiring and mundane day at the office. I would love to be able to spend more time with him.

I had 34 years to do what I wanted – now it’s time to be with little man and let him enrich my life by watching him grow and experience life on his terms.

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