His first holiday

The trip up to Sedgefield, about a six hour drive from Cape Town, went better than anticipated. The day before leaving, I was starting to wonder if a holiday that included a lot of driving would be a good idea with our active and easily bored little man. I had booked the trip months before, never giving a thought to him becoming an active little mover.Blog photo1 - Copy

He was a tad grumpy until we reached Grabouw and stopped at the Houwhoek farmstall for a break. There I learned about Ewan’s love for pies as about half my pie disappeared into his mouth and was eagerly chewed by his seven small teeth.

Swinging in Sedgefield

He was quite content for the rest of the journey, sipping milk on occasion. When we arrived at Eden, Sedgefield he was eager to be released and immediately started to explore our holiday accommodation by trying to climb into the raised bath. Afraid that the little man would slip and bust his head open, I had to keep the bathroom door locked for the remainder of our time there, much to the disgust and distress of the little fellow.

Other favourites at Sedgefield were the small private garden and the fabulous pink swing. Little man got properly muddied and dirty in that garden. Making me wonder, not for the first time, how other mothers managed to keep their boys even remotely clean. Mine would go through several sets of clothing if I gave into his wishes and left him outside all day.

The fantabulous pink swing drove mommy and daddy crazy. Baby wanted to swing all day long. He memorised the exact location of that swing. If you put him down in the braai area, he was around the corner in an instant, on his way to more swinging. Upon following the speedy crawler, he would sit down before it, looking up longingly at the little pink box and then back at mommy. Who could refuse those eyes?

Yummy crayons

The journey from Sedgefield to Ruiterbosch lodge was interrupted by Ewan’s first trip to the Spur. He promptly attempted to eat the Spur crayons and distributed them under the table, to be crunched under our feet. The colouring-in picture ended up in a crumpled ball between our plates. He refused to eat the potato cakes but consumed two fish fingers, quite a feat I think, for a one year old who had mostly baby food up until his ground breaking, adventurous holiday.

Fun at the beach

Hartenbos beach provided him with more adventure than he had ever imagined possible. He built Blog photo9 - Copysand castles with dad and got hit by a small, mean wave. This misadventure didn’t put him off and he was super glad to go back to the beach on one of the only sunny days we had. He also managed to bring half of the beach back home in his clothes and swimwear.

The genius

Ruiterbosch lodge is quite a child-friendly lodging and I didn’t have to worry quite as much as usual. The open plan setting of the family lodge meant I could have my eagle eye on the infant rascal at all times. Once again, though, I had to keep the bathroom doors closed as Ewan tried his luck getting into the raised bath and shower. As dad mentioned, all the bumps to the head could quite possibly reduce his status from super genius to normal genius.

Meeting his first horse

The gorgeous Percheron horse farm, Outeniqua Moon kept our little man entertained on our last day there, when the sun finally showed itself.

Not really a child-friendly place from mommy’s perspective – the rooms were small and a tad overcrowded – the place is simply beautiful with magnificent views. And Ewan got to meet awesome and friendly great danes the size of horses, as well as real horses. Part of the accommodation package includes a ride on a horse-drawn carriage which he greatly enjoyed. Just a pity the little fellow won’t remember any of this. But then, with his declared status of super genius, you never know.

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